Mr. Alexander Ogol

 Personal data:

Date of birth: 1984-01-18

Address: Nab.Pobedy 136A-68, Dnipropetrovs'k, Ukraine

Phone: +38-050-3462764


Marital Status: Single

IT Project Manager

Experienced project manager with two year success in promoting corporate vision through strategy, design and architecture. Innovative professional with proven ability to identify, analyze and solve problems to increase customer satisfaction and reduce costs.



  • Experience of project management of several programming and testing teams simultaneously, including most of PMBOK-defined areas of knowledge (Scope, Integration, Schedule, Quality, Human Resources, Communications, Risks);
  • Knowledge and using of Rational Unified Process, knowledge of XP, MSF and SDLC;
  • Working in tight schedule/resources with remote customers;
  • Propagating use-case driven development, based on extensive requirements management, setting up project processes (Process Engineer role);
  • Knowledge of UML, Domain Model and Business Analysis from System Analyst point of view;
  • Extensive knowledge of typical patterns (GOF, GRASP, Patterns of EAA), analyzing problem from enterprise point of view;
  • Database modeling.
  • .NET (up to 2.0): C#, Windows.Forms, C++, C: Unix scripting, SQL, Web programming, Perl, CGI, Networking
  • Configuration management (Continuous Integration)
  • Strong communicator, Problem Solver. Proactive.


Career Highlights

September 2004 – Present

ISD, Dnipropetrovs'k, Ukraine (child division of SCC SoftComputer, US, Florida)




Manage development of several small and mid-sized projects, including full life-cycle: inception, planning, developing, testing, and transitioning. Provide leadership for team of 20 employees.


November 2006 – Present – project manager in long project for new innovative system for hospitals that provide quality control for instruments, lots, controls etc. In future will be part of Laboratory suite:

Current beta-clients include National Institute of Health,,

Largest non-government US hospitals Mayo clinics,

Project is developed using C# (.NET 2.0), Oracle, DevExpress, Windows Forms, Web Services, Microsoft Enterprise Library.


  • Moving project through gathering requirements and design/architecture to construction;
  • Led team of architect, 6 programmers and 5 testers, as well as managing communication with remote product/requirements specialist;
  • Setting up process, planning, controlling execution of plans and correcting, provide status report to all stakeholders;
  • Managing communications;
  • Team mentoring, providing technical help with .NET, C#, Oracle, Web Services, Design&Architecture.


September 2006 – Present – project manager in project, developed and supported internally for Soft Computer Consultants, that is going however to be sold to Mayo. Project automates training, competency, skills documentation management and targets managers of administrative units to control employees information:

Project is developed using C# (.NET 2.0), Oracle, Windows Forms, NHibernate, DevExpress, MS Enterprise Library, Smart Client Software Factory.

  • Introducing development using RUP methodology and moving project through all phases;
  • Led team of 4 programmers, managing communication with internal customer, as well as product specialist;
  • Planning deliveries, control plans execution, provide status reports for management and for customer as well;
  • Managing communications;
  • Team mentoring;
  • Now project is on support phase until new requirements for new clients will come.


July 2007 – Present – project manager in .NET part of master project that is also part of laboratory suite. Product automates laboratory workflow, and is targeted to replace old SoftLab

Product is developed using Java on server side (AIX) and C #/.NET (Windows Forms) on client side. Communication is using Web Services.

  • Led team of 4 programmers and architect;
  • Planning deliveries, control plans execution, provide status report;
  • Managing communications with java team;
  • Team mentoring.


March 2007 – June 2007 – project manager in project, developed for FlashNetworks:

Product automates testing of NettGain engine, by providing scripting ability and interaction with browsers, ftp/smtp/pop3/etc. agents, including configuring engine by patching configuration on remote side using telnet/ssh, dumping and analyzing traffic.

Product is developed using .NET/C#, with extensive usage of unmanaged code, .NET remoting, COM interop.

  • Led team of 5 programmers and architect;
  • Managing customer expectations, delivering to customer;
  • Planning, control plans;
  • Set up process for full-cycle of development.
  • Managing communications;
  • Team mentoring.


March 2006 – September 2006 – project manager in project, developed for internal needs:

File and folders comparison tool

Technologies: .NET/C#, Windows Forms.


August 2005 – March 2006 – team lead / project manager in project on support phase, intended for providing Windows GUI for programs, written for Unix console using specific widgets library. (specifically: SoftBank ( and SoftDonor ( 

Technologies: .NET 1.0/C# on client side, C (IBM VisualAge) on server side (AIX), communication by TCP/IP using custom XML-based protocol. Applying transformations to increase usability using XSLT.


February 2005 – July 2005 – Team leader deputy in the same project.

September 2004 – February 2004 – .NET and Unix Developer in the same project.


August 2004 - January 2005

Okhei ltd., Switzerland



Developer in presentation layer of several call-center sites. Perl and JavaScript programming. MySQL.

System was based on Asterisk VOIP gateway and provided ability to organize conference-call between several users anywhere in the world on-site.


October 2003 - August 2004

Mis-studio, Dnipropetrovs'k, Ukraine


Programming embedded application for mobile phones, using mophun technology.

Application was developed on C, with a lot of constraints such as memory, processor etc.



June 2005 – Master of Science in Applied Mathematics, Dnipropetrovs’k National University. Average score is 4.78 of 5.


Spoken languages:

 Russian - native

Ukrainian - native

English – good, last TOEFL result – 565. Able to speak on phone, read, write.